In the summer, Troop 121 attends a week-long sleep-away camp at Camp Winnebago, a Patriots Path Council Scout camp located in Rockaway, New Jersey.  The session runs Sunday-Saturday and provides a wonderful opportunity to work daily with trained counselors on Merit Badges of the Scout's choosing.  Scouts sleep in tents, explore the outdoors, swim, sail on the waterfront, participate in rifle shooting, archery, mountain biking and more.   Be sure to check out their website at:

Details on Camp:

Meals:   Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are served every day in the Dining Hall with a coffee hut and a salad bar. The entire camp eats at once. There are usually some choices available. Special meals are provided with those with allergies.

Time Frame: Camp Winnebago runs for an entire week, from a Sunday afternoon to the following Saturday morning for a total of 6 nights. 

Sleeping: Every Troop is designated their own campsite with tents, cots, latrines, and a pavilion. 

Facilities: There are latrines available on every campsite and near every activity area. There are also showers and bathrooms (below, center) that are open 24/7.


Camp Information

2019 Winnebago Merit Badge catalog - Click Here

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