Rank Advancement

Rank Advancement is a process that can take as little as a week or as long as two years. Below is some basic information about rank advancement.





Second Class

First Class

Star Scout

Life Scout

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Resources:


Download: Eagle Rank Application

Merit Badges

Link to the Merit Badge Requirements:


Steps to Earning a Merit Badge:


1. Visit the website above, search for the desired Merit Badge, and read over the requirements.

2. Next, email Scoutmaster and ask for the contact information for a counselor for that badge.

3. Call your counselor, introduce yourself, and explain your intention of doing the Merit Badge. Be sure to contact your counselor before starting the      badge. Often times, there will be something your counselor has to approve before you begin.

4. Begin working on the badge!

5. When you are ready to meet with your counselor, be sure to pick up a Merit Badge Blue Card from one of the Troop 121 Scoutmasters. Fill out the Blue Card, and you should be good to go!

6. Once you meet with your counselor and they sign off on the Merit Badge, be sure to hand in the "Troop Record" portion of the card to the advancement coordinator. Keep the "Scout Record" in a safe place in case there is any problem with getting credit for that badge.

Merit Badge Books:


Often times, your counselor will tell you to get a copy of the "Merit Badge book" for that particular badge. Although you can buy the book from the Scout Store, you can also get one for free from the Troop Merit Badge Library. At a Monday night meeting, simply ask one of the adult leaders, or one of the Scout leadership to show you the Merit Badge Library. After you find the book (or books) that you need, be sure to fill out your name, which books you are borrowing, and when you took them out. After you are finished using the book and the Merit Badge is completed, simply put the book(s) back into the library and write the date you returned them.

Eagle Required Merit Badges:


1. First Aid

2. Citizenship in the Community

3. Citizenship in the Nation

4. Citizenship in the World

5. Communications

6. Personal Fitness

7. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving

8. Environmental Science

9. Personal Management

10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling

11. Camping

12. Family Life

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