Troop 121, through the Patriots' Path Council, has the opportunity to send a group of scouts on High Adventure Trips every year.


What are our "High Adventure" Trips?

"High Adventure" is a term used to signify trips that are longer, more physically demanding, more adventurous, and more amazing than most other "normal" trips a Troop would take.


When does Troop 121 go on High Adventure trips?

Troop 121 goes on High Adventure trips during the summer.

Troop 121 sent a crew to Philmont in 2016.  Troop 121 plans to send a crew to Philmont in 2020.

Troop 121 sent a crew to Seabase in 2018.


What are the requirements to attend?

In order to attend these trips, in addition to meeting all physical/medical standards and requirements, Scouts must be 14 years of age at the time of the trip, or have previously completed the eighth grade.


What is the cost?

High Adventure trips are more expensive than a typical Troop campout or event, airfare making for the majority of the expense. Contact the Troop's event leader for more information relative to cost.


Phimont is a Scout Ranch located in New Mexico. A crew of 12 (Scouts and adults) travels to New Mexico for an intensive hiking adventure that lasts almost two weeks. Throughout their trip, scouts can hike from anywhere between 55 and 110 miles, carrying all of their gear on their backs as they explore the beautiful New Mexico mountains. Throughout the course of the trip, Scouts will have the opportunity to go black-powder rifle shooting, whitewater rafting down the Colorado River, horseback riding and much, much, more.


Sea Base, located in the Florida Keys, is a week-long adventure on the open water. Scouts will live on a sailboat, where they will learn to operate and navigate their vessel, fish, snorkel in the beautiful coral reefs, swim, cook and enjoy the great outdoors. The scouts may also enjoy some time enjoying the islands visited. Learning by experience, Scouts will be able to truly experience what it is like to maintain, operate, and live on a boat.

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